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19 Sep, 2023 Service

Financial intermediation is identified as HTD’s key service in the capital market, with an extensive financial partner channel HTD is committed to accompanying businesses in the process of mobilizing finance for production. Company’s business.

Financial partner

  • Domestic and foreign financial funds
  • SME Finance Company
  • Fintech SME
  • Banks and other financial partners

HTD is always looking for businesses that are planning to invest methodically, with strategy and high business efficiency to accompany development. Therefore, HTD is always committed to the most suitable financial consulting & brokerage services for businesses.


  • The client signs a consulting contract.
  • Administration fee: The deal
  • Assess the current state of business operations
  • Finance support
  • Sign the appendix to the consulting contract
  • The customer accepts the credit plan according to the appendix


  • HTD works with partners.
  • Administration fee: The deal
  • Customer interview partner
  • Agree on credit granting plan
  • Customer & Partner sign credit contract
  • HTD & Credit Portfolio Management Partner

Customers open accounts according to HTD’s regulations & Partners at the Bank specified in the contract to receive disbursement