19 Sep, 2023 Product

Loan based on revenue

  • Short-term unsecured loans up to 12 months
  • Loan limit is based on revenue with a maximum loan amount of 20 billion
  • Application approval is quick and 100% online
  • There are no hidden fees when appraising documents, no interest or penalties for early payment.
  • No need to sign a deposit or buy insurance for disbursement
  • Pay off the loan principal + interest divided equally every month

Product policy

  • Short-term unsecured loans – no collateral required and average loan term from 4 – 10 months (maximum 12 months)
    Approval is based on your most recent 6-month revenue and the loan amount that can be supported ranges from 100 million – 20 billion.
  • The loan limit is based on revenue and will not lend more than an average of 1 month’s revenue of the business.
  • Average interest rate is from 1% – 2%/month (each business’s interest rate will need to go through a document appraisal step to have an exact number)
  • Documents are approved quickly and 100% online, it takes 5-7 working days to get appraisal results from the date the business submits complete appraisal documents, disbursement is from 24-48 hours after signing the contract.
  • There are no hidden fees when appraising documents, no interest or penalties for early payment. No need to sign a deposit or buy insurance for disbursement.
  • Loan payment method: principal + interest divided equally each month or payment based on % of revenue each month.
    Businesses can consider approving a new loan when paying the first 3 months of the first loan

Loan conditions (Must have these conditions at the same time)

  • Stable revenue of at least 100 million VND/month or more for the last 6 consecutive months. Stable revenue every month, no revenue interruption.
  • Businesses have an online presence (including website/fanpage, or sales through e-commerce sites Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, Grabfood, Beefood,…. or marketing activities or running ads), because they aim at businesses related to e-commerce goods trading.
  • Business registration as a Joint Stock Company or LLC or Member.
  • Use the company’s bank account (at any bank) and have cash flow activities in and out of the business’s bank account.
  • (It is not required that 100% of the business’s revenue goes into the company’s bank account, but the business must have at least 15% of its revenue received in the business’s bank account)
  • If businesses receive most of their revenue by personal bank accounts and cash, but businesses rarely use business accounts: Businesses are required to use sales management software: Haravan, Sapo, nhat.vn , Kiotviet, Misa,… to verify revenue.

List of records

  • Tax or internal financial report 2022 (Recommended to send internal version)
  • Report for the most recent 2 quarters 2023 internal version
  • Statements of all bank accounts (personal and company) for the most recent 6 months.
  • Personal accounts are not required if the company’s revenue is not received by personal accounts. Businesses need to send statements in the correct form for the computer to read and authenticate according to the form: See here
  • Revenue report for the most recent 6 months.
  • GPKD
  • Debts at other credit institutions in the system (CIC)
  • Debt reporting, inventory reporting.
  • If a business receives a lot of revenue through a personal bank account, it needs additional conditions to use sales management software such as sapo, haravan, nhach.vn, kiotviet, Misa,….. to be able to export. report.

Capital financing profession

  • Trade, footwear,
  • English center, Japanese center,
  • Hotels (available on Booking, Agoda, etc.)
  • IT, insurtech,
  • Medical supplies, cosmetics, fashion, household appliances, eateries, restaurants (Services can be used on Grab food, Shopee Food,…) ordering applications,
  • Shoes, Essential household items,
  • Delivery (like Giaohangtietkiem using technology software), production (with website) …. There is a form of sales via website, fanpage or commercial channels Lazada, Tiki, shopee, Grabfood, Shopee Food,…